About us

Welcome to the official website of the manufacturer and distributor of the Super Glue “original with star only” – Glue-Invest Sp.z o.o

Our most famous products „Super Glue oroginal with star only” is an adhesive that we have been producing since 1996. For over 25 years, our most important goal has been to provide you with effective solutions for joining together diffrent materials, such as paper, leather, metal or plastic. Our adhesives are suitable for use both in households and in industrial production.

Thanks to the production located here in Poland, we are able to ensure not only the highest quality but also their safety in using our products. All adhesives we produce undergo strict quality and safety tests. Their effectiveness has been confirmed by tests carried out by independent chemical laboratories. Detailed parameters of each product are available in the form of a safety data sheet.

Dynamically growing sales mean that our products reach almost everywhere: large cities, smaller towns and villages. We owe such a large participation in the adhesives market to an effective sales strategy based on our regional distributors.

Partnership, mutual respect, loyalty and high quality of products are the pillars of our long-term relationships with customers. „Super Glue original with star only” is also sold in the United Staes, Africa, Western Europe, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Read our Management System Policy document, where we commit to:

  • establishing partnerships with the customer and involving employees in production products
    that meet customer requirements
  • continuous improvement of employee qualifications and competences
  • conducting activities in accordance with legal and other requirements
  • continuous improvement of the Management System


If you want to cooperate with a proven partner on the market, write to us: : glue-invest@superglue.pl