Gwint Glue

Gwint Glue – anaerobic glue

Gwint Glue – new in our range of adhesives.

Gwint Glue is a product for sealing and securing threads, screw connections of ferrous metal components. It features high vibration resistance and increased oil resistance. Secured screws can be removed easily with tools. The hardening of the product (polymerisation) takes place under anaerobic conditions.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between two types of adhesive:
– Gwint Glue MOC1 – low strength anaerobic adhesive
(loosening moment 5,5-11,5 Nm)
– Gwint Glue MOC2 – medium strength anaerobic adhesive
(loosening moment 15-25 Nm)

Main application of Gwint Glue:

  • Secure and seals threads.
  • High vibration resistance.
  • Easy disassembly with tools.
  • Resistance to water, acids, greases, olis, solvent and UV radiation.
  • non –toxic and safe.
  • for metal threads up to max size 36.


Packaging method:

1 piece in a blister

6 pieces in a display

12 displays in a box
(72 pieces)


1 piece – 8 grams

Files to download:

Safety data sheet:

no card
Harmless product

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