Super Glue

Super Glue®
Oryginal with star only!”

Super Glue is a strong adhesive for plastic, metal, wood, rubber, leather, glass, porcelain and paper. Indispensable in every home, office and factory.

Complete gluing occurs within 5-20 seconds. In this respect, Super Glue is the leader among adhesives available on the market.

Thanks to Super Glue you can repair broken toys, glue glasses and a broken vase with become a decoration again. Our glue is perfect for the automotive industry, where you can repair damaged elements quickly and efficiently.

Complete gluing occurs after 10 seconds. The best temperaturę for working with glue is between -35 C and 70 C. After gluing, the joint is colorless. The shelf life is 24 months.

Keep Super Glue wherever you go, at home, at work, on a picmic or on a hiking trip-you never know when you will need it. Remember to keep the glue out of the reach of children.

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Single blister

Packing method:

24 pieces in a display

20 displays in a carton
(480 pieces)


1 piece – 2 grams


Packing method:

12 pieces per palets

50 palets in box
(600 pieces)


1 piece – 2 grams

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